Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Just a quick posed picture of the girls from this morning. Eloise asked that I take this picture and share it.  She realized a bit belatedly that it can be a challenge to smile with an apple in your mouth.

 I was able to snag another picture of them that is a glimpse at their camaraderie.


What about the baby?

What about the baby?  Isabel is RAPIDLY approaching seven months old.  I still have a very hard time processing the fact that she is an August baby.  I spent nearly nine months expecting two October girls.  Little did I know that my second born wanted NO PART of sharing a birthday with her big sister.

We started Isabel on solid foods a week before her six month mark.  I was planning on delaying solids because of her early arrival and Eloise's lack of interest in solids until about nine months.  While the transition has not been without bumps, Isabel loves to eat with the family.  Phil and I both feel that Isabel is actually ready for her first dairy test.  We're going to go slow with the introduction, but I have been much more diligent about exposure than I was with Eloise and I feel much more confident in the process having gone through it once before.  I will reintroduce it into my diet slowly and we will probably be ready to offer her direct dairy in a few weeks.
All smiles after breakfast last week - steel cut oatmeal, blueberries and cinnamon.

I am enjoying seeing how Isabel's increased mobility and independence has begun to allow her to more actively participate in our daily tasks.  But I find keeping up with both girls makes photos a bit more challenging.  Isabel and I usually have an hour or two together in the mornings.  She has been waking early for a few weeks now.  She manages to put the hours of 4-6 to great use.  She is a slow moving path of destruction emptying and knocking over every basket in sight.  She has pretty much stopped sitting still.  When she grow frustrated with her work, I sit with her in the office and read.  She was fascinated by the baby faces in this book.
My early riser.
Last Monday I went for my annual physical and due to the weather and everyone's naps, it ended up being a family trip.  I love the fact that Isabel is so feisty.  Watching Phil and Eloise try to keep up with the youngest family member was really very funny to me.  It has been fun watching the way that Isabel is transitioning from an observer to an actor in our family.

Fun times in the waiting room.
In the last couple of days Isabel has really begun to pick up some speed. She is comfortable getting up on her knees and starting to work on crawling.

She loves to wedge herself under chairs and then wrestle with them.

She is also quite proud about being able to sit up on her own.  I was busy cleaning up the kitchen after dinner one night and she rolled over to Phil and showed him her newest trick.  It was so sweet to hear Phil and Eloise cheering her on!

Eloise has decided that Isabel is old enough to begin playing board games.  Here is my crew playing Chutes and Ladders.  Apparently it only has three game pieces, so I was relegated to cheering squad.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kitchen Help

Just a quick post about a typical morning in our house.  Phil has started coming home for lunches recently, which really delights all three of us girls.  I want to try and keep his trips home relaxing and enjoyable, and so I have begun making our lunches after breakfast while the girls play.  Sometimes they don't seem to notice, but more often they congregate at my feet and seek ways to participate.
The first stirrings of interest.
Eloise was busy measuring things this morning.  After coming to my doctor's appointment and watching me get measured for height (5'8" - I will take it!), she has commandeered the measuring tape and uses it quite a bit.  I had been working for a few minutes when she began to measure my feet.
Helping make the salad.  Notice that my foot is still very interesting.
I hadn't anticipated having help this morning, so I didn't set her up as well as I would have otherwise, but we improvised.  Eloise got her apron & towel and climbed up to help arrange the cut vegetables in the salad.  (We had a spinach salad with sliced NY Strip and an apple for lunch. Eloise also had a hot dog & Isabel slept through but ate avocado, potato and steak later.)

In the interim, Isabel had made her way from the office to my feet and was very busy exploring my toes & slapping the top of my foot.  She loves to slap objects!  Isabel eventually came to sit with us in her high chair and we all shared a pear. Between the last picture and this one she transitioned to a late morning nap.

Taking her work a step further.
I moved onto peeling a five pound bag of carrots. I had originally planned on heading to the park before lunch, but since were going to be playing nap merry-go-round today, I decided to knock out a few more cook's tasks.  Eloise didn't have much interest in helping me with the peeling & cutting, spent some time counting the carrots, but once that was finished she hopped down and I assumed that she had gone to play.  Instead, she brought over her Eating the Alphabet book by Lois Ehlert. She checked to see if carrots made the cut.  They did, phew.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ready for Spring!

Taking advantage of some mid-60s temperatures!
What a winter it has been!  We are certainly ready for spring to arrive and stay for a while.  In the interim the girls and I have been exploring the neighborhood on the warm(ish) days.  Last Friday we even met Phil as he walked home from work and we all went to the grocery store together.

Last week was all sunhats and sweaters!
 We head to our local library once a week.  We try to make it for the two year old story time and always grab a few books for the week on our way out the door.  Last week we discovered Lois Ehlert's planting and growing books.

Both girls really enjoyed the bright color illustrations and Eloise really engaged with the text.  The books were a perfect match for the increasingly warm days.  Eating the Alphabet sparked quite a few special requests for vegetables at the grocery store.

Watching Junior.
Today our task is to find a few books on eagles.  Our Aunt Jean & Uncle Bud shared the Berry College eagle cam with us this weekend and Eloise has been checking in with Junior since Sunday.  We bookmarked the page on our desktop so she is able to hop back up to the desk and take a peek whenever she wants.

I hope to get back to sharing a bit more of our lives.