Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What about the baby?

What about the baby?  Isabel is RAPIDLY approaching seven months old.  I still have a very hard time processing the fact that she is an August baby.  I spent nearly nine months expecting two October girls.  Little did I know that my second born wanted NO PART of sharing a birthday with her big sister.

We started Isabel on solid foods a week before her six month mark.  I was planning on delaying solids because of her early arrival and Eloise's lack of interest in solids until about nine months.  While the transition has not been without bumps, Isabel loves to eat with the family.  Phil and I both feel that Isabel is actually ready for her first dairy test.  We're going to go slow with the introduction, but I have been much more diligent about exposure than I was with Eloise and I feel much more confident in the process having gone through it once before.  I will reintroduce it into my diet slowly and we will probably be ready to offer her direct dairy in a few weeks.
All smiles after breakfast last week - steel cut oatmeal, blueberries and cinnamon.

I am enjoying seeing how Isabel's increased mobility and independence has begun to allow her to more actively participate in our daily tasks.  But I find keeping up with both girls makes photos a bit more challenging.  Isabel and I usually have an hour or two together in the mornings.  She has been waking early for a few weeks now.  She manages to put the hours of 4-6 to great use.  She is a slow moving path of destruction emptying and knocking over every basket in sight.  She has pretty much stopped sitting still.  When she grow frustrated with her work, I sit with her in the office and read.  She was fascinated by the baby faces in this book.
My early riser.
Last Monday I went for my annual physical and due to the weather and everyone's naps, it ended up being a family trip.  I love the fact that Isabel is so feisty.  Watching Phil and Eloise try to keep up with the youngest family member was really very funny to me.  It has been fun watching the way that Isabel is transitioning from an observer to an actor in our family.

Fun times in the waiting room.
In the last couple of days Isabel has really begun to pick up some speed. She is comfortable getting up on her knees and starting to work on crawling.

She loves to wedge herself under chairs and then wrestle with them.

She is also quite proud about being able to sit up on her own.  I was busy cleaning up the kitchen after dinner one night and she rolled over to Phil and showed him her newest trick.  It was so sweet to hear Phil and Eloise cheering her on!

Eloise has decided that Isabel is old enough to begin playing board games.  Here is my crew playing Chutes and Ladders.  Apparently it only has three game pieces, so I was relegated to cheering squad.

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