Thursday, April 17, 2014

A week of laying low.

Cuddles with Isabel on Sunday. She is always on the move these days - I grab snuggles when I can!
After enjoying the unseasonably warm weather last week the Cotey girls have been laying low this week.  We did walk to Bittersweet on Monday afternoon.  We wanted to catch the warm weather before the cold snap and we needed to pick up some cupcakes. (I promise I feed my children things besides cake, ice cream and cupcakes.)

Isabel enjoying her first Bittersweet cinnamon stick.
Eloise before devouring her cupcake.
On the way home we stopped so Eloise could collect some of the cherry petals to show her Dad.
The rest of this week has been spent indoors thanks to fevers.  Eloise went to the doctor on Tuesday and apparently has a viral throat thing.  She is doing well, but we struggle with getting her to slow down when she is sick.  The doctor was shocked by her energy level and how well she looked considering how high her fever measured.
Day 4. Ready to be out and about again.
Isabel has been a bit fussy and had a low grade fever, while I am not certain they have the same thing going on, we are spending the days indoors in our PJs.  Trying to separate a 7 month old and a 2 year old is impossible.  Especially when they play so well together.  Eloise had closed the doors to the office to play with her puzzle while Isabel was playing in the girl's bedroom.  I heard a knocking on the glass and went to go check and this is what I found...

We have a puzzle eating monster in our house.
Hope you all are well! Much love from all of us!

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