Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All are Well Once More

Life in Alexandria took a slight downturn two weeks ago with the return of cold, wet weather and a sick Eloise.  Thankfully neither the weather nor the illness lasted and by Good Friday we were back in action.
Isabel, tired of being stuck inside, decided to go on a walk.
Eloise had her 2.5 year well child visit Friday evening.  She is certainly petite, but well proportioned and she succeeded in charming a few Hershey's kisses from her doctor.  We arrived home to the most eagerly anticipated package of the year - our double jogging stroller.

Eloise was so excited to see the stroller.  She started explaining to Isabel all about being runner girls.
Philip spent his post-bedtime evening on Friday assembling the stroller.  When Eloise woke up she hopped right into the stroller and yelled "Okay Mommy! LET'S GOOOO!!!"

Two of the three all ready to go.
After failing to convince the girls to get out of the stroller - I bundled them up and headed out on inaugural run early Saturday morning.  I was a bit nervous - it was my first over 10 minute run since February, and Isabel's first experience jogging.

At our turn around.
 Wow! It was awesome.  I had run out a mile and a half before I realized it!  Isabel fell asleep & Eloise and I chatted the whole way.  I turned it around, since I figured that 5k was plenty for our first trip out.

A picture of the three of us at the turn around.
 Last week we ran 20 miles together.  Both girls really love to be outside and it feels excellent to be back able to add distance and get back to really running.  I train with a HR monitor and use my heart rate to set my pace, which works beautifully for running with a stroller.  I base my pace not off of time, but exertion & so I don't really mind how fast or slow I go on any given day.

The coolest part of MAF training through the last 15 months is that my endurance has maintained (dare I say, improved) through my pregnancy with Isabel and post-surgical recovery.  After Isabel was born I began running in November (3-4 times a week for no more than 10-15 minutes) to help repair my core, but I couldn't really add distance/training time because I need to be able to run with the kids.  I am so glad that it is Spring and that we all love running together!

Phil informed me that he was glad I was running again. He is giving me a month to jump start my training so that I can keep his pace while I push the double jogger & he runs with us!  He makes me laugh...but the gauntlet has been thrown & I accept the challenge!

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