Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Celebrating Shakespeare's Birthday at the Folger Theatre

On Sunday we visited the Folger Theatre to join in the celebration of Shakespeare's birthday.  I took some time to talk to Eloise about Shakespeare.  Talk about a poorly thought out conversation on my part.  I was underwater the second I opened my mouth.  One of my favorite things about parenting a two year old is the development of true conversation, but I am still getting used to no longer simply telling her, but talking together.  Eloise was really interested and excited to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday.  She had a few burning questions:
-Is he little, or big?
-Does he have children?
-Will we play with his children?
-Are they our friends?
-Can Shakespeare swim?

and finally

-Why are we going to eat birthday cake if he is dead?

At this point I sent her over to her Dad who proceeded to begin to read Richard II to her.  The interest waned quickly and we moved on to the rest of the pre-celebration day.

Isabel was really simply concerned with one thing. Will there be cake?

After a bit of a late start we braved the cross town Cherry Blossom festival traffic.  (They are blooming, but the weather has been a bit cool/windy/wet.  I am hoping to head to the Tidal Basin midweek with the girls.)

The weather was gorgeous.  Phil & Isabel spread out a blanket and enjoyed the sun.

Aunt Annie and Eloise jumped right into the craft fun.  They made a shield and an Elizabethan ruff.  Eloise was a bit overwhelmed by the crowds in the craft area, but she loved the work and was quite serious during the making.  We then headed outside to show Dad and Isabel.  Isabel was busy with the grass.

We then went inside and toured the library.  Eloise was a bit awestruck by the size of the fireplaces.

We then joined the crowds for the cake cutting.  Both girls were concerned that there wasn't going to be enough cake.  My kids.  They love their cake.

I was a bit preoccupied by a very hungry Isabel, so the only picture we have of the cake was captured by Aunt Annie!  Thank you!  Isabel ate two entire pieces of cake in the time that Eloise shared one with her Aunt.  Such a goof.

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