Friday, April 11, 2014

Free Cone Day!

We are a family that has a fine appreciation of treats and special occasions.  I have noticed since having children that life is full of opportunities for free cookies, cake, and ice cream.  While we don't really buy many snacks or deserts to fill our cupboards, we do enjoy baking about once a week or going to the bakery and picking out something from the case to share.  (We cannot walk past a Starbucks without Eloise looking at me and asking so sweetly "Mommy, may I have madeleines, please?")  I think Phil and I actually got into this habit when we were in Japan - a cultural lesson learned, loved and adopted.  Eloise and now Isabel are both really enjoying the joys of little treats.

In addition to Shakespeare's birthday cake, April 8th was Ben & Jerry's free cone day.  Eloise, Isabel and I walked down to Old Town after naps and stood in line.  (I am fairly certain Eloise was quite concerned by all of the options in this picture...)

Philip ended up being in a meeting when the girls woke, so he decided to send us along and stay at work, but one of the things that we are all enjoying about being so close is that he would normally be able to join in the fun.  All donations on the day went to support Carpenter's Shelter which is the largest shelter in Northern Virginia.  The woman managing the donations box was kind enough to keep an eye on our stroller while the girls and I got their ice cream.

 Eloise chose the pink ice cream (I got her strawberry, though she would have been pleased with Cotton Candy, too) without a cone.  Isabel decided to try Americone Dream - it is vanilla/caramel swirl with chocolate covered waffle cone bites.  Isabel has a bit of a crush on Steven Colbert, so I am fairly certain that is why she chose it.  She specifically requested the cone.  Isabel was the happiest baby.  I can't resist babies and ice cream.  I know our approach to feeding is not quite APA recommended, but we do what works for us.  Listening to Isabel coo with each taste made me smile and feel like my Mum (my grandmother on my Dad's side) was with us.  When Phil and I were dating we used to bring strawberry ice cream to my Mum & PopPop.  Not many people rival Phil & Mum in their love of ice cream, but these two sweet girls come close!

Both girls were kind enough to share, but I assure you...they both HAPPILY at the majority of their ice cream.

What a wonderful end to a very busy Tuesday.

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