Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tarheel Finisher rightfully claims her medal.

About a month ago I noticed that my youngest was beginning to catch the accessories bug.  I came out of the bedroom and noticed that she was wearing our Tar Heel 10 Miler medal.  I say "our" because Isabel ran the four mile race with me last year!  (I stepped down from the 10 after discovering Isabel was on the way and Eloise and I went the rounds with a nasty norovirus for my entire first trimester.  So both of my children have prevented me from completing two different Tarheel 10 Milers...I WILL FINISH!)  I had hoped to run the full 10 this year, but I had some post operative complications and I haven't been able to add much distance to my runs yet.  (Nothing serious, just that my abdominal wall has taken extra time to heal after the emergency delivery.  It continues to improve and I am expecting no long term impact!)

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