Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bring your Daughter to Work Day

I really must get better at updating on the go!  A few weeks ago a good friend was over and she noticed that our calendar was full until April 24th which was filled with a bold "BRING YOUR DAUGHTER TO WORK DAY" and then the next month and a half was simply blank.  I laughed - while life has rolled right along, I have not gotten back on top of planning and organizing!

When Isabel was first born Eloise and Phil spent a lot of time together.  She would get really sad when it was time for Phil to go to work and be so very excited when he would come home.  Right around her birthday (last October) she announced that all she wanted was to go to work with Dad.  We giggled and didn't really think much of it - but Eloise - she was very serious.  Every morning at breakfast she would ask her dad: "Is today the day?"  Phil would invariably say "For what?" and Eloise would remind him "That I am big enough to be a worker girl!"  After a few weeks (the adults in this house are a bit slow) I said, "Oh Eloise - you can go with Dad on Bring your Child to Work Day."  I of course was thinking about her going when she was about 7 or 8, but her question changed.  Every day she asked "Is it Bring your Child to Work Day?"

In January Phil got his annual calendar and emailed me right away: PUT BRING YOUR DAUGHTER TO WORK DAY ON THE CALENDAR! APRIL 24th!

Eloise has been so excited to see what her Daddy does - she counted down the days and when April 24th rolled around - she had packed her book bag and planned her outfit.


 Eloise insisted she wear her running shoes because she was certain that her Daddy plays lots of games at the office.  Phil and Eloise had a nice brunch and Phil showed Eloise his office, where Eloise practiced drawing while Phil worked a bit.


Apparently there was a wellness fair that day because I received the following picture of Eloise...hard at work.  Life is tough :)!

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