Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Community Day

Eloise's end assessment of Phil's work was classic.  When asked how she liked Bring Your Daughter to Work Day she would say: "Oh it is very interesting and a little bit boring." With the cutest smile.  When it came time to meander over to the Patent Office campus for Community Day last Thursday, she kept saying "Oh Mommy, no thank you, I have seen Daddy's work."  

Isabel, however, wanted to see what all the fun was about.  The USPTO blocks off the streets on Community and all of the social organizations set up booths.  Families are invited down and this year they had a food truck rodeo.  Both Phil and I are notoriously bad at standing in line, so I brought some banana bread.  We enjoyed the parade, listening to the National Anthem and people watching.  Eloise was so surprised by how many folks were out and about on the streets that we wander almost every afternoon and are usually close to empty.  We enjoyed sitting on the grass and looking at the fancy cars.  We met a few of Phil's colleagues.  Eloise ran and ran and Isabel did her best to catch up to her.

Can you spot Eloise? She is running towards the flag pole!
 We work pretty hard at balancing freedom and safety with Eloise.  It has been quite a year of learning for us all as we have negotiated the move from a college town to a large city and a much more urban home.  One of the big rules in our house is to stay on the grass in public squares.  This square is Eloise's home turf and she loves to run the entire perimeter.

Eloise in the end declared that Community Day was alright...mainly because she got to wear her medal.  Isabel was thrilled that we all got to be together.  It is really nice living so close to campus and being able to have such a nice walk and quick visit with Phil in the middle of the work week!  Sometimes we feel a bit crazy living in a small space with two young kids - but in moments like this it is easy to remember why we chose to be here.

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