Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter Sunday

Our Easter weekend was a busy one!  I cannot believe how long it has taken me to share all that we did!  After the excitement of being healthy, going for our first jog and baking the Easter pizza, I was a bit nervous that Easter Sunday might be too much for the girls.

We all woke up early and got dressed in our Easter best (despite the chilly temperatures in the morning) and met Aunt Annie at St. Peter's on Capitol Hill.  Aunt Annie arrived 15 minutes early - to a standing room only sanctuary.  By the time Phil and Eloise made it in we were squeezed like sardines.  The priest announced that they had a satellite space open in the basement with plenty of chairs.  Well, getting to the basement was a little complicated due to the crowd and the fact that 3 of the 4 doors we tried were locked.  Once we made it to the basement, we realized that the chairs were still stacked on the walls and the sound system was not quite up to the choir's volume.  It was a fairly surreal experience.  We all agreed that if we end up in the same situation in the future, we will opt for being sardines.

After church we spread a picnic blanket and shared some surprises.  Aunt Annie brought the girls a few Easter treats and Eloise gave Aunt Annie the Easter pizza.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our morning.  We attempted to get a family photo, but with two wiggly little ones, we instead opted for a whole bunch of "almosts" and a ton of laughter from us all.

 These last three pictures make me laugh because Isabel is very busily taking bites of each slice of Easter pizza.  Eloise is busy calling her a "pizza lion" and Annie and I are laughing really hard.

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