Monday, May 19, 2014

Nike Women's Half Marathon!

In January one of my high school friends and I joined a challenge/training program with Another Mother Runner.  Ellen spent 17 weeks training for a half-marathon (and managed to run 3 in the meantime- GO ELLEN!).  I trained for 3 weeks and then ran into some challenges thanks to a fairly weak core after Isabel's birth...but I am back on program and in week 5 and feeling much stronger.

Ellen planned her final race of the Spring season to be the Nike Women's Half Marathon.  I was so tempted to jump in last minute and run with her, but instead decided that being ground support and cheering her on was much more prudent.  After watching her race - I am so glad that I got to cheer her on - she is phenomenal!

My children wake up at 5am EVERY morning - except when I need them to.  Race day was no exception.  So as Ellen was waiting for the start gun, I was bundling her cheerleaders into the car and hustling to the course.  We were able to catch her twice as we headed to the finish line.  It was really cool to be able to use our phones to track her as we moved through the city.  We set up our final position within sight of the finish line.  The girls loved the energy of the day.  Eloise was desperately trying to run the race and Isabel is such a big fan of crowds.
Eloise and Isabel loved watching the runners as they closed in on the finish line!

Ellen was in the zone as she rounded the corner!  She has her arms up in the air!

Isabel taking notes.
Eloise was attempting to squeeze through and join the race.
Post race photo with our hero!
Ellen ran with her friend Mandy's Team in Training team: TEAM STRONGER.  The entire Nike Women's race benefited the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but Ellen raised more than $2500.00 to run with Mandy and to help fund more research and provide support for survivors and families.

I was so grateful that she let us share in her hard work.  The weekend was a wonderful one for me - it lit a fire in me to continue training, despite the setbacks I faced in January.  It reminded me of how wonderful friendship and support is in mothering and life.  I am so grateful for our friendship and I cannot wait to run 13.1 with Ellen this Fall as my Prove It race.  (I still have to pick the race...part of me is thinking St. Jude in Memphis...though maybe City of Oaks...)

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