Saturday, June 21, 2014

And she's off...

Isabel, at the ripe old age of nine and a half months, has decided to start walking.  She is certainly in her early days of toddling, but I am seeing a true shift in the way she moves and she is no longer defaulting to crawling, but choosing.

Eloise loved helping Isabel along as she was learning to walk.  The days of crawling are rapidly ending in our house.  Isabel certainly favors walking at this point and she has begun to truly pick up speed and loose a bit of the bowlegged walk that she has.  I was not expecting this milestone to be upon us as quickly as it was.  With her early arrival, I assumed I would have a few more months than I did with Eloise.  Both of the girls have walked before 10 months, which is both exhausting and incredibly cute.

Playing on the patio in our swimsuits.
And for old times sake:

Eloise as an early walker at the Oakwood Playground in Chapel Hill

Eloise enjoying some time at the beach with Bill and Sara.

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