Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eloise in the pool - my first water baby.

I know that this is really a "throwback" but I can't believe how much has changed with Eloise in the last two years of her life.  Wow.  They really do grow so very quickly.  Taking Isabel to the pool has brought back memories of my first swims with Eloise in Chapel Hill.

 We took the American Red Cross infants swimming lessons through Chapel Hill Parks & Rec.  I hope to enroll in a similar course with Isabel once we are finished with our summer travels.  I pushed getting Eloise into the pool right at 6 months because she was so incredibly energetic and I wanted to get her involved in things that would tire her out.

I opted to bypass early swim lessons with Isabel for a few reasons.  The main motivators were Isabel's early arrival and how unbelievably cold it was this winter.  With access to the pool in the building, I hope to replicate some of the activities with both girls.  I just have to convince Phil that he really wants to join in the fun!

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