Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fire Alarm!

One of the legacies of living at Baity Hill that has forever changed the things I worry about was the fire alarm.  I know.  But, do you remember the loud, super sensitive dorm fire alarms from your college days? You know, the ones that would go off at 2AM over some burnt toast or too much steam from the shower?  I always thought they were great fun...until I moved into family dorms in my 30's.

When we moved to our current apartment, I wondered how I would handle an alarm with two girls and so many floors.

On Thursday, I got to carry two sleepy kiddos down 15 flights of stairs thanks to some construction dust on our floor.

Eloise was very calm, she was concerned because of the emergency alert, but the intercom instructions actually helped her stay focused on getting organized and out the door.  (I fortunately had been waiting for them to wake to head to the grocery store.  I had my shoes on and the diaper bag and carrier next to the door - it truly couldn't have been better timing.)

Isabel was content to be on my back in the carrier.  It was nice to have a subdued alarm compared to the ear splitting alarms of the previous three years.

When we arrived at the front of our building the Fire Department was just arriving in a single engine. Eloise loved seeing them dismount, suit up and enter the building.

All in all it was a reasonable afternoon activity.  Let's just hope that we live on a lower floor if we are fortunate enough to have more kids!  We just hoofed it back to the third floor, hopped in the car and headed to the store for dinner.

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