Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Little Mail Clerks

One of the things that I have enjoyed about our current building has been letting Eloise learn how to check the mail.  (At Baity Hill our box was at the top of the grid & it was challenging to juggle Eloise & teach her how to use the keys...something always was falling out of my arms...)

When we first moved in Eloise could barely reach the mailbox on her tip toes. In fact she insisted that the lowest box was the one to check.

In the middle of the winter she noticed the numbers and began sounding them out to make sure she had the right box.  In the new year she was able to insert and turn the key.


After her latest growth spurt she now has the requisite height and strength to check the mail from start to finish - including reaching and retrieving the mail, closing the mailbox, and extracting the key. (The key sticks a bit - it has taken quite a bit of practice to get it just right. I am impressed by her determination to master the skill.)  The preceeding two photos are a few that I managed to take a few photos the first day she checked the mail with no assistance.

Yesterday we hit a new milestone, but this time it was Isabel's.  She is no longer being carried in the building.  I am having her walk to and from the elevator, to the courtyard, in the halls and around the lobby.  Our kids don't really seem to be content with resting on their laurels.  Isabel took her new responsibility in stride and attempted to keep up with her sister.

Running to keep up with big sister.
Eloise's mastery of the task has come at just the right time for her to begin teaching Isabel.  Until yesterday, I had forgotten that this process began right at the time Eloise learned to walk.  I would let her carry the mail upstairs to keep her mind and hands occupied while she walked down the hall.  And once again I am the last one to the party.  There was Isabel, given the freedom to walk around, choosing to be right beside her sister.

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