Friday, June 13, 2014

St. Katherine's Greek Festival

Slowly, slowly we are beginning to branch out and find community!  It is amazing how the unbelievable pace of life last Summer has slowed me down.  I am a girl who takes a while to catch up - but enough is enough!  The Friday before Memorial Day I got to meet Phil's boss while we were showing Aunt Sue around the USPTO campus.  (At least one Memorial Day weekend post is owed! Mea Culpa.)  She is really nice and friendly and she clued me into the fact that we are in the middle of festival season for the Greek Orthodox parishes in the area.  One of my favorite memories of my childhood explorations of New Orleans was the time we stumbled upon a Greek Festival.  It was the first time I ever had stuffed grape leaves and began a life long love affair I have had with feta cheese.

She let Phil know that St. Katherine's in Fall's Church was having their festival last weekend.  We arrived in between nap times (the girls are stretching me these days I feel like someone is always asleep between the hours of 8am & 6pm or we are eating).  We caught the tail end of the live music.  Eloise loved dancing with the other kids.  We grabbed two pitas (chicken and pork) and some Greek fries.  We kept missing the honey balls - boy they ould go fast once a batch was ready!  Isabel and I made up for it by choosing a tray of desserts (cookies, baklava and custard) inside.

Eloise enjoying the pork sausage pita.

Isabel doing her best to eat all of the sweet treats.

Eloise has asked me to do my best to make Greek Fries.  She said - "so spicy, so good!"
 It felt amazing to be immersed in a strong community for a few hours.  Everyone was friendly and welcoming.  There was a craft and coloring area for kids that Eloise enjoyed.  Isabel had her cheeks pinched by quite a few grandmothers and the Father ruffled her hair as he rushed by, arms full of wine bottles.

We missed the timing of the Church tours and hit the road as the dinner crowd began arriving.  All in all it was the perfect afternoon treat on a really lovely June weekend!  Thanks a million Lisa!  I can't wait for the next one - I am getting some wine!


  1. nice post! :) glad you had fun! thanks for the nice shout out! :)

  2. feel free to read my blog too..i retired it but it was a bit interesting i think :)