Monday, July 21, 2014


Before heading down to Colorado Springs, we had some extra time on our hands and decided to have a little family escape to Breckenridge.  Phil and I love to drive together and heading through the front range brought back a lot of memories of our mountain drives in Japan.

The second we got into the car at the airport both girls fell asleep and gave us a few hours to talk and enjoy the drive.

We arrived in town as they were setting up for their big July 4th celebration.  We all got to see the Budwiser Clydsdales as they were being bathed and groomed.  Eloise's favorite was named Prince.

We then settled into lunch at an awesome sandwich shop and ran a quick query with Hotel Tonight to see where we would stay.  Phil and I have spent nine years travelling with no reservations and life with two small children hasn't changed that much, thanks in large part to our Samsung Galaxys.  We laughed about rolling into Quito at 2am and paying a porter a dollar to take us to a rather suspect hostel on our honeymoon as compared to simply pressing a button and staying in a luxury resort for next to nothing.
Our room with a view in Breckenridge.
 If you like to travel like we do, I recommend Hotel Tonight as an app - it queries the lowest rates in a specific location.  The hotels are all vetted and the longer you are willing to wait, the better the deals!

We spent the afternoon relaxing in the pools. loved exploring downtown by the river.  We ate dinner at a great sports bar - Phil had fabulous enchiladas and Isabel and I split a delicious chopped salad.  Eloise made us all jealous with her mac and cheese and fries.

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