Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The eleventh hour.

Eloise the seasoned traveler on her final busride in Chapel Hill.
As a generation, we are transient.  As individuals, Phil and I are rather fond of travel, experience, and with that has come an adulthood of moving.  We have had some amazing opportunities since we graduated from college with time in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Hong Kong and Guam.  Phil has covered the oceans with his time in the Merchant Marine. After we got married he spent 15 months in Iraq and within six months of his return we departed for Japan for two years.  Last summer we switched gears and moved with 24 hours of notice with a toddler and with me 7 months pregnant.  As a couple, this will be our eleventh move in eight years of marriage.  It has been the hardest for me so far and we are just travelling three miles down the road.

Packing out of Okaya.
I am beginning to believe that I need to simply relax into the chaos a bit more...and focus on the good.  We are headed to an awesome community with access to a 60 acre park right out our front door.  As a mom of two little movers, I cannot WAIT to run them to exhaustion every day.  While living in a high rise has been lovely, we are all looking forward to a return to an environment that reminds me most of our Baity Hill days.

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