Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Neighborhood Pool Party!

As if my children didn't enjoy their time at the pool already...

On Saturday our neighborhood hosted a pool party.  (Not to be confused with snow cone day at the pool, last Friday, or cotton candy & pizza day at the pool, this Friday.)

At the round about right outside our home they had a huge inflatable slide and bounce house set up as well as face painting in the gazebo.  Before we even hit the pool Eloise insisted on hitting the slide solo.  My brave girl climbed up to the top & wooshed down again without a moment's hesitation.  She was impressed with the speed of the slide.  It loomed so large that once Aunt Annie arrived, she was requested as a partner in crime.

Then we hit the pool for a bit.  Eloise was having so much fun that I held Isabel for a quick nap before we headed out to grab some BBQ and ice pops.  The meal was catered by Red Hot and Blue.  The girls loved the barbeque and after a rather impressive amount consumed they hit the dance floor.  Eloise won a maraca in a dance competition.  Not to be outdone by her big sister, Isabel insisted on hitting the pavement - despite her mother not having her shoes.  She's a barefoot fanatic apparently - going one step further than her minimalist parents.

After the dance party we had cherry Popsicles and a quick trip back to the pool.  By that point Isabel was protesting that so much fun could be had in one day, and so we dropped her off with Phil for a nap and Eloise once more hit the roundabout.  She got some good bouncing in and then Aunt Annie, Eloise and Mom swam in the full sized pool for a bit.

Not super surprising that Phil, Aunt Annie and I spent Sunday recuperating.  The girls on the other hand were calling for more!  Eloise and I did walk down to the farmers market.  She informed me that she could run, she just wanted to walk today (as close to an "I'm tired as I have ever gotten.").  She loves to walk the stalls and tell me what to buy.  This Sunday our haul included six ears of corn, two bagels, a pint of raspberries, a few pounds of onions, some green beans and fresh cut flowers.  Speaking of which...I had forgotten about all the fresh veggies...time to go prep dinner!

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