Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Busy Settling In

Sorry for the prolonged silence.  We set aside the week of July 23rd - July 31st as our moving week.  We truly weren't sure that we were going to secure our new home until the keys were turned over on Wednesday morning.  I am so incredibly grateful and excited that everything worked out for us and that we are here.  Also.  Moving with two kids aged two and ten/eleven months is no joke.  Doing all of the move yourself with two kids right with you? Super crazy.

Helping with the bathroom.

Helping with the kitchen
Eloise on the deck of the truck.  Isabel in the meanwhile climbed down the loading dock stairs and was making a break for the street...
On the morning of the 31st the girls and I were removing the final load from the apartment and doing the final vacuum/carpet clean.  We turned in the keys, hustled home and switched the car seats over to my parent's car & picked up PapaToe and Aunt Annie from Dulles.

The girls' last race around the 4th floor plaza.
 Eloise has been adjusting fairly well to this change.  Our move to Alexandria last year was fairly stressful for her, and we are hoping that the quieter environment and more family friendly neighborhood will assist in the transition.  The best comment so far has been "Why are we leaving the city? I am a city kid! Now we live in the country!"

Heading up to the old apartment one last time.

The last thing I told my Dad was "Whoever comes will come solo, so we have enough room!" Famous last words.
The girls were very excited for PapaToe to have a sleep over party.  So much so that when we inflated his bed, they climbed on with blankets, pillows and stuffed animals - all ready to be three monkeys in a bed.

 We have spent the last few days getting to know the neighborhood, touring the playgrounds, enjoying the park and spending quality time at the pool.

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