Friday, August 8, 2014

Eleven Months of Isabel

Isabel crossed the threshold from ten months to eleven months in the midst of our move.  We have come a long way in this last year, I didn't even realize the date had passed until I was a bit overwhelmed on the 28th.  As I introduce her around the new neighborhood I find myself simply deferring to her being 'nearly one.'  Nearly one. Wow. How true, and how quickly this year has gone by.

Isabel loves the seesaw and protests loudly when I stop, even after 45 minutes.
Plotting to take all of the pool toys.

In a pile of "off limits boxes" - helping me unpack things I had stashed away from the girls.
 And just like that the first year of Isabel's life on the outside is nearly in the books.  She is incredibly strong and determined.  She is larger than her sister was at 11 months and she is already outgrowing her first shoes.  She cut three top teeth while we were moving, and she is looking taller to me.

A really fun development that has begun is that she is finally waving and clapping her hands.  In typical Isabel fashion, she was a bit slow on both, but once she figured it out she isn't content to simply clap, she has to say "YAY YAY YAY" while clapping.

Eloise is very patient with her sister's shenanigans.
I am working hard to get both girls on compatible sleep schedules because when Isabel is awake, she wants her sister with her.  She has figured out how to open up the doors and will determinedly fight to get to her sister until she can climb into Eloise's bed and give her a kiss.

It has been wonderful to watch her grow close to her Dad over this last month.  She loves to go sit in his lap and cuddle.  But as quick as she is up, she is down again and looking to conquer something new.

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