Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eloise's first visit to the dentist!

Last Thursday was a busy day in our house!  Eloise came with me to the dentist.  While she has spent plenty of time at my dental visits over the last three years, this trip was special - it was her first check up!

A pensive patient.
 Our oldest really enjoys brushing her teeth and often asks for help flossing if she notices that she has something stuck between her teeth.  All twenty of her baby teeth have come in, and so we thought it would be a good opportunity to get a baseline exam and introduce her to what a trip to the dentist is like.  Eloise was a bit nervous as the day approached.  As we waited in the waiting room, she declared it was time to go - so it was probably just the right time to get her familiar with the experience.

Counting teeth!
 First the hygienist counted Eloise's teeth, and then she gave her a quick polish.  Eloise got to watch a video about how to brush & floss properly and then she met the dentist.  Who gave her teeth two thumbs up!

Eloise's first polish.

After the visit, I asked Eloise what her favorite part of her first dental visit.  I was expecting her to say "Mr. Thirsty" or the bag of puzzles, squeakies and tooth brushes, but Eloise surprised me by declaring that the polish was her favorite part.  "It tickled and made me laugh!"  Now to encourage her to take better care of her mouth than her mother...

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  1. It’s great that she is really meticulous when it comes to her teeth, and at such a young age at that. So it wasn’t a surprise that the results of her first dental visit showed no cavities. Though it’s still a relief to hear that come from a dentist, no? Anyway, it’s great that she enjoyed her visit to the dentist. Hopefully you won’t have to do it often, aside from the regular checkups and dental cleaning. Good day!

    Pedro George @ Mirror Lake Family Dentistry