Thursday, August 28, 2014

Isabel is One!

Sleeping peacefully a year after her birth.
Yesterday was an incredibly calm and low key day compared to the same day a year ago.  I still haven't begun to understand the grace that we were shown the day that Isabel was born.
The only picture of Isabel on her birthday
I do know that we were prayed over, loved and supported by so many on that day and the weeks that followed.  I know that everyday we have on this earth is a tremendous gift.  My gratitude is unending.

We made pancakes at the insistence of Eloise, because all special days require pancakes. didn't plan anything in particular.  The girls and I went on our morning playground run with our running group.

Phil was home in the middle of the day, so at the direction of the two year old party planner we had a parade and a time to open presents.  Then some friends came over to play and share strawberries.

The girls ate an early dinner and were in bed before Phil came home.  So incredibly grateful for this one year old in our lives. She is joy filled and incredibly determined.

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