Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sights from a morning stroll.

From the porch of the Alexandria Visitors Center.
Is it odd that I feel Old Town is more in our reach now that we live in Alexandria's West End?  Carlyle was an awesome neighborhood to call home, but with a toddler and a baby, it wasn't sustainably walk-able to the waterfront.

This morning we dropped Phil off at work and instead of turning right back around I decided to take the girls into Old Town.  We parked at the Tot Lot on Royal and due to the need for a bathroom break ended up strolling up and down King Street before the shops opened.

Peeking in windows.
Telling jokes on stoops.
We were all fresh and full of a spirit of adventure and unencumbered by a stroller.  The girls loved looking at the fountain and dancing on the stage at Market Square in front of Town Hall.  

The best part of the adventure was that when enough was enough, we all bundled back into the air conditioning and were home ten minutes later.  While I love being car-free as much as I can, it is also really nice when August temperatures and humidity start to hit, to not have a two mile walk or jog home with two hot and sticky kids.

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