Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesdays at the Natural History Museum

Now that the weather has cooled and school is back in session, the D.C. tourist season seems to be behind us.  The girls and I have been scooting up to the National Mall to get our tourist hats on and explore the different Smithsonians.  Last Tuesday we decided upon the Natural History Museum.

Isabel and Eloise truly enjoy seeing all of the people and walking through the exhibits.  It is definitely a balancing act though, Eloise rushes ahead & Isabel likes to roar with delight while standing in everyone's way.

We headed upstairs to the insect hall where the girls enjoyed pretending to be Great African Termites and pressed all of the buttons about common household pests.

I worked very hard on not loosing my lunch when they offered to let the girls hold a giant cockroach.  They both declined - instead they watched the honey bees for a bit and then we headed to the butterfly house.

 While we were there, the girls and I discovered something really fun!  The Smithsonian Natural History Museum butterfly room is free!  When we lived in North Carolina, Eloise and I enjoyed going to the Museum of Life & Science in Durham to visit their beautiful butterfly house.

Eloise has asked several times to visit the butterflies and I didn't realize we could every Tuesday!

Eloise was very patient and still, hoping to convince a butterfly to land on her hand.  She was rewarded with several very close encounters.  Isabel was a bit slower to the party.  She was rather frustrated that I had decided to wear her.  But boy she was full of energy last Tuesday afternoon & I thought that the butterflies and other visitors would fare better with my little spirit a bit restricted.  When she would see a butterfly she would start lunging towards it, pulling me with her.  In the final photograph of the day Eloise is busy telling her to "look not touch."  If you can't tell, Isabel is trying with all her might to touch!

Such a fun outing!

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