Thursday, October 2, 2014

A morning Under the Canopy courtesy of Arts on the Horizon

One of my favorite things about living in Alexandria with small children has been to explore the arts through their eyes.  We are truly fortunate to have so many opportunities in our home town.  Our favorite local find has to be Arts on the Horizon.

This morning we attended Under the Canopy, a play specifically designed for children under two.  The girls were very excited because they had loved Sunny and Licorice when we saw it this past Spring.
The Atheneum on Prince Street in Old Town.
On the way to the Atheneum Eloise and I discussed the perfect timing of the performance - two days before her 3rd birthday.  We arrived and had a seat.  The girls waited patiently and we waved at some friends from our new neighborhood.
Eagerly awaiting the show!
Soon the performance began and Eloise was enraptured.  She was focused on all of the movements and actions of the actors as they brought the rain forest to life before her eyes.  Isabel found the process of creation to be rather invigorating and she could hardly contain her desire to run into the performance and do and see and touch.

The show was around 20 minutes long - ideal for the focus length of under-twos.  Eloise was able to follow the narrative fully and both girls delighted in the beautiful puppets and props created by Worlds End Puppetry.

After the performance the children had an opportunity to interact with the actors and the stage.  Isabel and Eloise enjoyed sharing a vine and touching the different flowers and animals.

It was a lovely warm Fall morning in Old Town thanks to Arts on the Horizon!

We are all looking forward to Snow Day - this December's offering from Arts on the Horizon!

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