Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy New Year!

I know, I know.  January is almost over and here I am wishing everyone a happy New Year.  We have been working hard and playing hard over here at Team Cotey, which hasn't left me with much time to update you all on our goings-on.

I had a relapse of the metatarsalgia in my left foot that had been troubling me since Thanksgiving.  (I suppose that is what happens when you run nine miles with a double stroller within twenty-four hours after nearly a month of rest.)  I have switched all of my training runs to bike rides to maintain fitness and it has meant for a smaller radius to explore for the girls.

The first week of the year was unseasonably warm.  We take trips to the park right near our apartment to get our wiggles out.  Of course my stir-crazy kids prefer to collect sticks and rocks and stand on the bleachers than run.  Silly littles!

I don't know why, but since Isabel has been born, I basically had stopped using my Kindle.  We would haul it out for travel, but generally it has sat on a bookshelf.  I charged it up and loaded some books.  Isabel has surprised me with her digital profficency.  She has rapidly discovered how to navigate her favorite books and apps.  Eloise has also been enjoying the re-emergence to this fun tool.  The only problem seems to be that all three of us want to use it at the same time to do different things.

In preparation for Thanksgiving we went to IKEA (because we need an excuse) and picked up this awesome red table and matching stools.  The girls like to eat their lunch (and dinner when Phil works late) at the table.  I love the fact that it is much easier to clean up than their spots in the dining room.  I am so grateful for all of the homes we have lived in since having children, but every single one has had carpet in the dining area.  It makes my a little crazy.

As any mother of two toddlers can testify, coordinating naps can be a challenge.  I have finally found a sweet spot.  I try to keep with the day's schedule and have them home and fed by 1.  If not, I flex.  Sometimes flexing looks like piling everyone in the car and driving to the Lake Barcroft Drive-Thru Starbucks and treating myself while the girls take "car naps." I cannot believe it took me over a year to find the closest Drive-Thru Starbucks.  Phil and our bank account wish it had remained hidden.

As you might have guessed, both girls are currently sleeping.  I have been fortunate that they seem to be napping at the same time more frequently this month than before.  Yay for having a big girl and a toddler.  I hope to make 2015 a year that is filled with joy, patience and less for Team Cotey.  I have had mixed results in January, but that is what a journey is all about...daily incremental progress.  Much love from us all!