Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Family Snow Day!

We have had quite a few snow events in the last two months, but the last one that the girls and I were able to enjoy was at the beginning of January.  (And poor Phil had to go to work!)  All of our snow days in February were spent watching the winter wonderland and staying warm and cozy.

I was excited when the forecast for today predicted and all day snow.  The weather men were predicting a Federal Government closure based upon the way that the weather models were working.  When we woke up at 5:30 this morning I was surprised to see that the warnings were heeded and the entire DMV was basically locked down on a snow emergency.  It was 45 and raining.  It was so warm that when a girlfriend suggested a run, I assumed she meant outside (our gym had closed due to the forecast).

But sure enough right at 7 this morning it transitioned from rain to sleet, and sleet to snow by 7:30.  We opted to run the stairs and do a strength training workout.

With the late start to the snow, it took a while for it to accumulate.  We spent the morning and early afternoon watching it fall, eating, and snoozing.  Once everyone was awake, it was nearly 4 in the afternoon.  We all bundled up and headed out for a quick jaunt around the neighborhood.

The girls enjoyed building their first snowman.  We completely forgot all of the accessories.  I feel as if it was my first snowman, too.

Isabel was fairly certain the goal was to eat the snowman.  I was excited to be all together and get to enjoy the weather as a family!  (Fear not, Hot Chocolate and PLENTY of marshmallows were consumed after this jaunt!)

Welcoming March with Open Arms!

February was a bit of a bust around these parts and we spent most of the month at home, or at the doctors.  Good news is that we are all well again and are welcoming March with arms open!  

We were so fortunate to have had one more Artsplay Class at George Mason Library.  The girls loved meeting up with friends and spending an hour with Kofi Dennis through the Wolf Trap Education Institute.

(These pictures were from our first class!)

We loved dancing and singing and making music.  Eloise loves nothing more than learning new songs and it was amazing to watch how Isabel's interest evolved over the course of the class.  Her language has been exploding these last few weeks and listening to her sing along during our last class was amazing!

Heading to class was always a good excuse to get some more reading material.  I love the way that the girls love a new book!

In celebration, we decided to have a brunch at IHOP after class.  I had seen that it was National Pancake Day and IHOP was giving away short stacks of pancakes as an advocacy and fundrasing event for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Combining two of our favorite things - Pancakes and LLS? Well, how could we not?