Friday, April 24, 2015

National Parks Week!

Did y'all know that it's National Parks Week this week?  I had grand plans to visit a different National Park with the girls every day this week as a part of the #findyourpark initiative. (Seriously, how lucky are we that we live in a place where that kind of ambition is even possible?)
 As in all things, I grossly overestimated my get up and go, so we have made it to one, our favorite Story Time and standing every 3rd Monday date at 9:30am - Oxon Hill Farm for Story Time with Ranger Steph.

I really love taking the girls to Oxon Hill - Ranger Steph thoughtfully chooses a small library of books on a theme, reads a few and sings songs.  Next she has a puppet show and craft for the kids.

Isabel has become a great fan of the farm's cat and she spends most of the visit chasing the cat, petting the cat, or plotting to find and pet the cat some more.

This week she also enjoyed finding the goat and sheep.  If the weather is nice, Ranger Steph usually has a snack for the kids to feed to the animals.  This morning the cow was milked during storytime, so instead we all just wandered around and visited the different animals.

We had gotten quite a thunderstorm late Sunday evening and so the puddles were awesome. The girls wore their rain boots. Isabel was rather frustrated that her emphatic puddle stomping relegated her to Mama's shoulders. Mama's very wet shoulders. Eloise thoroughly enjoyed her extended puddle jumping!

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