Friday, April 24, 2015

Supporting Arts on the Horizon during #SPRING2ACTion

On Wednesday the girls and I had a busy agenda.  First we had an awesome circuits workout with my Moms Run This Town group in Del Ray.  We've been twice and I think we'll be making this a regular Wednesday morning activity!  It is so nice to show up and do a cross training circuit with a crew of other moms and kids.  I love the fact that the girls come around with me and try their hands at the exercises.

After we wrapped up our workout, we headed across the park to M.E. Swing Coffee Company to show our support for Alexandria's grassroots fundraising day for local non-profits called #SPRING2ACTion.
(photo credit: Arts on the Horizon)

It was my first trip to Swing's but it certainly won't be my last! The girls enjoyed delicious chocolate milk and a raspberry scone while I thoroughly enjoyed my latte.  The staff was kind enough to let the girls test out the antique industrial scale - and while toddlers are not their target audience, they made the girls feel quite special!

We truly love all of the programming that comes out of Arts on the Horizon and it was such fun to come out and support them as they fund-raised.  In addition to reading books and getting a mini-workshop with Melissa, it was awesome to catch up with our cousin, and AOTH board member, Susan and her husband Joe!  (How did we not document this Suz?)

After an action packed morning, we decided to forgo playground plans and a #SPRING2ACTion lunch and head home. One of us crashed out on the way home and could not be roused...

We stayed pretty close to home for the afternoon, but then headed back to Del Ray for an early dinner at Holy Cow.  If there is one thing that my girls can agree on, its that a dinner that includes french fries is a dinner that is worthy of Coteys.

We sat right next to one of the famous Del Ray Yarn Bombers' chairs.  Eloise was excited to sit in it and now we are on the hunt for the other 4!

Overall it was an awesome Wednesday, exercise, two opportunities to visit with Susan, lots of delicious food all for our favorite cause - theater for the very young!  Arts on the Horizon had a fabulous fundraising day - they topped the #SPRING4art leaderboard with over $12,000.00 raised!  We can't wait for the next show!

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